About ESB

About Us

Welcome to the East Side Brewers Organization. Established in January of 2009, we are a fun-loving group interested in expanding our knowledge of the art & hobby of homebrewing. Our members are predominately from the east side of the Mississippi River from St. Louis and are based in Edwardsville, Illinois.

We are a semi-formal dues paying organization. Our gathering schedule is a combination of formal meetings, informal brew days, and unscheduled get-togethers as time permits.

Check our calendar regularly as we frequently come up with reasons to get together to sample our creations, conjour up new creations, and share homebrewing skills & knowledge.


Note from Greg…

As a group of passionate individuals, the goal of the East Side Brewers Homebrewing Club is to share knowledge, resources, and heritage for the development of a beer brewing community.

A few years ago, after taking a long hiatus from homebrewing, I attended a “Teach-A-Friend to Hombrew” Day at Dave’s Homebrew in Belleville Illinois. I asked the local brewers if there was a local homebrew club. There response was “NO~but if you want to start one then go for it!” Since then I been asking every brewer that I have met if they were interested in starting a local club. I started collecting names, emails, phone numbers, etc.

In January 2009, I felt that I had enough names, to get started. Soon after, we had our inaugural East Side Brewers meeting!

If you are reading this and you are interested in sharing this passion – feel free to contact us. We would love to have you aboard!

– Greg