Brewing In The Wild

Every year my friends Geoff and Val Seitz (Seitz Violin) have a party (Dogfest) at their 25 acre farm in Bonne Terre, MO. They invite many of their friends and customers to bring their camping gear, instruments, and dogs, to play in the wild. There is no electricity or running water, just a lot of beautiful trees, spring fed brook, and wildlife. Geoff invited me for the first time three years ago. Generally speaking only musicians get an invite. I told Geoff “I can’t play, but , I can brew” So the tradition was started. I brew a really big brew that will age nicely for a year and bring it back the following year for us all to enjoy. The first brew was a killer Russian Imperial Stout. Year number two produced an amazing Eisbock. This year I brewed an amped up Sticke Alt. This has become a really fun tradition that has turned out some of my best beers to date. There is something to be said for “brewing in the wild”. Enjoy the video.

Greg Bridwell
Founder, East Side Brewers

ESB News – July 2010

Saturday, 03 July 2010 08:48

There have been quit a few events over the past few months… brew days, demos, festivals, and awards. Here is a quick recap of those activities.

Mascoutah Brew Day (5/23/10)

On May 23rd at Scheve Park in Mascoutah Glenn Forneris hosted a brew day. He made a cream ale (for a friends wedding) with corn and rice adjuncts and used hallertau hops. Had some familiar faces show up and a few new people, so the club is growing. The quality of homebrew was encouraging. Glenn said, all-in-all, it was a beautiful day, and the beer turned out great!

St Jacobs BBQ – ESB Brewing Demo (6/5/10)stj1

Rick Goforth, along with Steve Long, and Glenn Preuter hosted a brewing demo in conjunction with the St. Jacob BBQ competition. Two beers were brewed and three beers were available for sampling; a coffee stout and Irish red donated by Jeff Harbaugh and a pale ale donated by Steve Long. Rick said they had a lot of people ask questions about the beer and process. There was also a lot of trading BBQ for brew. Rick said, I think it went very well and have no doubt we will be invited back next year. Additional note; Steve had three beautiful banners made for the club. Looks great!

stj2St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival (6/11-12/10)

By Greg Campbell

We showed up Friday and started setting up the tappers and I was putting up the banners including our ESB banner which was the biggest and best looking, IMHO! Once open the pouring began and there were times you could walk right up to a commercial tap but they were four deep at the home brewers! As for us workers we were not only pouring but we had to handle the rinse pitchers, keeping them full. The dump buckets had to be emptied occasionally. All the runs to the semi trailers where the kegs were kept cold. When that was all done you might have enough time to sample a fresh keg of someone’s beer!

Geoff from the Garage Brewers Society was really good at getting our beers on tap along with his clubs and the St. Louis Brews. The Anheuser Busch Home Brewers Group, which I am also a member, was there and brought some fine beers. The AB folks had pictures laid out of their members brewing equipment and hop vines and basically anything to do with brewing. We manned the area to talk about brewing with those interested. I met a lot of nice folks there myself.

I must say the quality of beer was better this year than last. I remember having to pour a couple out last year but not so in 2010. In the Sat.Aft. session it began again and we were again very popular.

Right after the close of the Aft. session the rains came. It poured for a long time and even though this years tent was 100 X 300, a football field, the water had no where to go except flow under the tent. This made a muddy mess and sandals and boots were the preferred footwear for the evening.

On Sat. night it was time for me to be a participant so I was able to taste the Festival beers from the different breweries and home brewers. This year it was a “Bavarian Hefeweisen”. I tried all renditions and found a very close tie between two home brewers, Amalgamated and Anheuser Busch. Amalgamated was a little more “bananay” but very clean and refreshing as were the others.

I had made it back to the home brewers table and saw the St. Louis Brews had taken down our banner and moved theirs into it’s position and then rehung ours to the side but it sagged so bad you couldn’t read it. This didn’t make me a very happy camper so I went back and rehung it properly. Mother taught me to respect other peoples property, I guess not everyone got that lesson! By 10:00 my feet had had enough! I had tasted all I needed to so I gathered up some of our stuff and headed home.

I wanted to thank those members that made it out to help. These things don’t work unless you have volunteers to make things happen.

The event was a great experience. The ability to talk to several brewmasters from big to small breweries is one thing that makes this festival a great success. No power struggles or animosity, just people talking beer. That in itself was as refreshing as the beer!

ESB Member Wins Award

St. Louis Winners

St. Louis Winners

Recently, our very own Greg Campbell took first place in the Stout category in the AB Homebrewers competition. 75 beers were sent to St. Louis for judging by brew masters and corporate tasters. All beers were judged and the brewer was given the taste panels results in order to help them improve their beers. Ft. Collins Colorado swept the American Ale category and Columbus Ohio won in the wheat and rye. St. Louis got a first and second in Stouts. Greg’s Imperial Stout taking first and Mark Vance taking the second with his Milk Stout. The awards ceremony was put on “Live Meeting” so the other brewery entrants could see first hand if they had won. Greg said this was a very cool event. Congratulations Greg

Corporate tasting room in the Brewhouse

Corporate tasting room in the Brewhouse


Note from the Treasurer

John Nichols is busy updating the membership database and filling in some of the missing data including demographics, membership dues/expiration, member number, etc. Since some of this data was lost, John may be reaching out to some of you to help with the missing info. Thanks for your work on this John.

Upcoming Events

The Mustard Seed Homebrew Event is coming up on October 2nd. Check out the calendar for more details.